Professional concrete care productsConcrete floors tend to get worn out over a passage of time. Though these floors are easier to clean when compared to other kind of floorings these too tend to start looking grimy. Epoxy resin acts as a sealant for concrete floors.

Epoxy resins can be coated on to concrete floors. However experts are of the opinion that the floors should first be applied with primers. Primers allow a stronger bond to develop between the epoxy and the concrete floor. The epoxy resin is mixed with decorative aggregate and is then poured over the concrete floor. A coat of create sealer product is applied on the floor as a finishing touch.

There are quite a few designs and variety of floorings, however epoxy flooring includes:

  • Metallic floorings, which give a shiny metal like appearance to concrete floors thus making it, look great for a business setting.
  • Epoxy garage floor coatings, which are decorative, and make garage flooring resistant to wear and tear. Oil and grease stains are easier to clean off from this kind of flooring
  • Epoxy terrazzo which can be pigmented to resemble marble or granite look. It can even take on a glass like appearance. This kind of epoxy resin is indestructible and is greatly used in commercial or industrial settings.


The benefits of epoxy resin

The following are a few benefits of using epoxy resin for concrete floors

  • Concrete floors which are layered with epoxy resin are less vulnerable to wear and tear
  • This kind of sealant comes in handy for concrete floors which are exposed to a great deal of traffic especially those in an industrial setting
  • The epoxy sets into a solid polymer thus it lens extra strength to the concrete floors
  • The process for epoxy layering is not time consuming
  • The concrete becomes less porous and is not exposed to dust. Thus epoxy resin makes it easier to clean concrete floors and helps maintain the concrete floor.
  • The epoxy coatings are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. These can work well for both industrial settings as well as concrete floors in homes. Most homeowners have used epoxy resin on their floors to give it a shinier and more aesthetically appealing appearance.
  • Epoxy resin allows the concrete floors to become chemically resistant. This works well for concrete floors in ware houses which are continuously exposed to dangerous chemicals
  • Epoxy resin makes the floor safe by making it stronger
  • High gloss finish and coating is one of the major reasons why most people prefer to use epoxy resin on their concrete floors.
  • It’s better than having to spend on a completely new floor just because your concrete floor has started looking depleted. A single resin coat can actually bring out the shine and can improve the appearance of concrete floors.

Usually concrete floors are thought to be durable and people don’t really believe in using sealants for these floors. However with so many benefits it’s no wonder why you shouldn’t use epoxy resin for your concrete floors.